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Custom Fujifilm instax camera case

$68.00 / On Sale

♥ I can custom handmade your desired Fujifilm instax camera case. ♥

Let me know :

1. the model of your instax camera.

2. three colors you like to have on your custom camera case.
( For more colors, extra charges apply. )
Not forgetting the inner colors of your camera case.
* I will try to follow your desired colors.

3. design and details you love to have on your custom camera case.
eg. your name or cartoon character you like to be sew on your camera case.
( I will handmade your camera case in the details of your camera model. )

4. closure you love to have on your custom camera case.
( Velcro or Zipper )

5 ...This order will be the standard camera case size to fit your camera. If you love to have an extended camera case to fit your film or lens, extra charges apply.

6. You can choose to have attached or detachable strap.

** When the details are confirm and payment received, I will start on your order. I will send you a registered mail to your home when your order is completed and sending you an email on the tracking number. :-)

Tell me more about your custom camera case order.
Thank you very much.

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Looking forward to hear from you.